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Brandon Stosuy
150 pieces
Novelist R.O. Kwon on pushing yourself until you get it right
Artist Matthew Day Jackson on the relationship between creation and play
Video director Kathleen Dycaico on world building
Writer Jia Tolentino on writing for the sake of writing
Adult performer Pepper Hart on doing everything yourself
Writer Carin Besser on composing lyrics for the National
Visual artist Cory Arcangel on making work in new surroundings
Visual artist Lars Jan on knowing when to pause
Filmmaker Laura Parnes on improvisation and deep collaboration
Woodworker Alexandra Climent on discovering your process
Writer Jason Reynolds on being human in your work
Ceramicist Sonia Rose McCall on turning your hobby into a business
Zach Baron on writing as work
Filmmakers Amelia Trask and Sasha Hecht on learning how to make a film as you make it
Emma Kohlmann on becoming comfortable with the idea of being an artist
Writer Marcus J. Moore on breaking through
Writer Sophie Saint Thomas on putting in the work
Performance duo FlucT on using your body to tell stories
Music lawyer Kelly Vallon on the creativity involved in her work
Visual artist Laleh Khorramian on knowing when to take a break
Musician and visual artist Dominick Fernow on making what you can’t find
Visual artist Brandon Breaux on staying positive and inspired
Musician Miho Hatori on collaboration and memory
Gallery Director Ken Tan on the business of being an artist
Writer Ashley C. Ford on being honest about what you have the time to do
Origins: Alex Hague and Fred Benenson on turning an idea for a game into a game
Designer Emily Fischer on finding a path that makes you happy
Origins: Justin Vernon on the power of cooperation
Ally-Jane Grossan on financial planning for creative people
Tabletop Game Designer D Vincent Baker on doing what you love full-time
Musician and Visual Artist Grouper on finding common experiences that are otherwise impossible
Chef Brooks Headley on how running a restaurant is like being in a band
Visual artist and healer Tabita Rezaire on the infinite flow of creative energy
January Hunt on connecting your work to something bigger
J Jennifer Espinoza on the shared experience of poetry
Justin Strauss on sticking with it
Yuri Nomura on finding your theme
Alicia Bognanno on managing your creative time
Katherine Faw on not multitasking
Bennett Foddy on the pitfalls of perfectionism
Sahra Motalebi on working without a map
Dustin Yellin on building new systems
Shinichiro Yoshida on being guided by curiosity
Christian Joy on learning as you go along
Peter Burr on engaging honestly with the world
Chris Wu and Prem Krishnamurthy on design as an ongoing conversation
Holly Blakey on believing in yourself
Taja Cheek on the benefits of keeping your day job
Hanif Abdurraqib on the writer as archivist
Björk on creativity as an ongoing experiment
Richard Hell on collaboration
William Villalongo on discovering materials that mean something to you
Sharon Van Etten on revisiting your sad songs when you’re happy
Mandy Kahn on respecting process
Heather Benjamin on challenging yourself in your work
Helado Negro on choosing honesty over strategy
Stephen O’Malley on collaboration as exploration
Ryuichi Sakamoto on how your work changes as you get older
Chelsea Wolfe on not being afraid to take risks
HAWRAF on being transparent about your process
Greg Fox on doing things on your own
Kianí Del Valle on being a multi-disciplinary dancer
Pika☆ on being true to yourself
Nic Annette Miller on being mindful of your needs
Chris Kraus on figuring out your process
Morehshin Allahyari on making art that you don’t want to sell
Bill "Blinky" Sellanga on the challenge of making something entirely new
Lucy Bellwood on the pros and cons of being an independent creator
Angela Pilgrim on creating work in your own voice
Olivia Bee on finding the right balance
Sarah Kinlaw on trying something every single day
Tschabalala Self on not being afraid of hard work
Luna Maurer on being a designer
Josh Fadem on putting in the time
Nina Katchadourian on working with what you’re already noticing
Rusty Lazer on finding inspiration in your surroundings
Gerardo Contreras on the pain of the creative process
Waxahatchee on taking your time
Yumna Al-Arashi on staying focused
Rafaël Rozendaal on streamlining your process
Natalie Diaz on the physicality of writing
Sadie Dupuis on writing poetry
Heather McGhee on creativity and politics
Perfume Genius on being honest
Naama Tsabar on taking control of your process
Henry Rollins on defining success
Yoshua Okón on the difference between activism and art
John Sharian on being efficient
Phil Elverum on creating art from grief
Farha (thebootydiaries) on building a popular Tumblr
Alexandra Drewchin on being patient with your projects
Becca Kauffman on becoming your own muse
Tegan and Sara on being honest with your collaborator
Pharmakon on not selling yourself
Layli Long Soldier on poetry as prayer
Oa4s on how collaboration can make you braver
Pablo Martínez on starting your own festival
Gaby Cepeda on what it means to be a curator
Wane One on making money from what you love
Roni Horn on politics in art
Danez Smith on poems as conversations
Katie Alice Greer on why all art is political
Gillian Robespierre on getting a movie made
Tamara Yajia on having a day job
George Clarke on slowing down
Sarah DeLappe on having a play staged for the first time
Mitski on learning how things work
Caroline Polachek on making work that's useful
Brontez Purnell on doing as much as possible
Thor Harris on self-sufficiency
Kameelah Janan Rasheed on research and archiving
David Byrne on not being afraid to fail
Aparna Nancherla on being more than just funny
Interview: Maggie Nelson
Cathy Park Hong on finding clarity through art & poetry within our political landscape
John Cale on revisiting your work
Angel Olsen on controlling your image
Kenya (Robinson) on creating your own opportunities
Darcie Wilder on finding your voice online
Sloane Crosley on side projects
Jlin on learning from failure
Roxane Gay on the importance of storytelling
Morgan Parker on poetry and the everyday
Ari Marcopoulos on establishing a personal aesthetic
Samuel R. Delany, on getting an education
Adam J. Kurtz on being positive
Deantoni Parks on learning to be expansive
Laurie Anderson on reality and non-reality
Ragnar Kjartansson on finding the right kind of ambition
Brit Bennett on the emotional complexity of fiction
Shepard Fairey on political art
Vernon Chatman on staying true to your stupid ideas
Mychal Denzel Smith on committing to difficult work
Kimberly Drew on being accountable to yourself and to others
Pedro Reyes on the horror of contemporary politics
Matt Berninger on patience
Shantell Martin on finding self in drawing
Mira Gonzalez on being labelled
Zia Anger on why moving images are more important than words
Dennis Cooper on writing as sculpture
Amber Tamblyn on being both an actress and a poet
Melissa Broder on the difference between poetry and Twitter
Ryan Heffington on showing non-dancers they can dance
Anohni on art, corporations, and the music industry
Cynthia Daignault on not commodifying your art
Matthew Barney on Idaho
Philip Glass on controlling your output and getting paid for what you make
Ian MacKaye and Brandon Stosuy on independence, creativity, and The Creative Independent
Björk on nature and technology
Eileen Myles on writing and social media
Brian Chippendale
1 piece
Damian Bradfield
1 piece
Fei Liu
1 piece
Jenny Odell
1 piece
T. Cole Rachel
233 pieces
Pianist Christopher Cooley on freelancing, multi-tasking, and keeping an open mind about your work
Comedian Katie Compa on making people laugh without losing your mind
Actor, entertainer, and writer Nick Offerman on creativity as a design for life
Mimi Parker and Alan Sparhawk of Low on keeping things interesting
Artist Jacolby Satterwhite on trusting your own process
Flutist and piccoloist Margaret Shin Fischer on the challenges of working as a classically trained musician
Musician Eva Hendricks on the complicated business of how to be in a band
Producer Ariel Rechtshaid on the appeal of profound collaboration
Musician Hayden Thorpe on the emotional power of songs
Writer, actor, and activist Ryan O'Connell on creating a space for yourself
Playwright and artist Taylor Mac on not waiting for permission
Songwriter JD Souther on songwriting, poetry, and making space for something new
Artist Allison Janae Hamilton on the infinite possibilities of landscape
Musician Cate Le Bon on rediscovering your passion by temporarily abandoning it
Actor and musician Megan Mullally on advocating for your own work and trusting your instincts
Artist and theater maker Kaneza Schaal on creating your own notion of what theater can be
Artist Lauren Huret on having a love/hate relationship with technology
Songwriter and filmmaker Luke Dick on telling stories in a variety of different formats
Musician Bill Callahan on letting yourself be known
Filmmaker Matthew Puccini on being honest about what you are doing and why you are doing it
Visual artist Mariana Castillo Deball on thinking about your creative process like detective work
Cinematographer Kirsten Johnson on discovering new ways to see
Visual artist Jesse Draxler on the liberation of working with strict limitations
Filmmaker Carlen May-Mann on the value of thinking on your feet
Writer Leila Taylor on subculture as a creative force
Filmmaker Frédéric Tcheng on the detective work of making documentary films
Musician Fusilier on starting out and making a name for yourself
Musician Suzanne Vega on doing whatever it takes to get the song done
Musician Bradford Cox on working with whatever happens to be around you
Actor and filmmaker Max Martini on the value of being resourceful
Musician Mirah on growing along with your creative practice
Writer Erica Jong on creating without fear
Visual artist María Magdalena Campos-Pons on letting the world be your studio
Buke and Gase on the value of starting over
Musician and producer Juan Mendez on choosing a healthy path
Musician Joan Baez on art, activism, and letting things go
Ken Nwadiogbu on becoming an artist
Artist Raquel André on working with people as your medium
Musician Rosanne Cash on trusting your process
Musician Justin Tranter on being a professional songwriter
Musician Tom Krell on bouncing back and moving forward
Publishers and DJs Barbie Bertisch and Paul Raffaele on running your own fanzine
Filmmaker Marina Katz on taking time to figure out your path
Music writer and A&R Rep Tyler Andere on turning your curiosity into a career
Musician and mystic Laraaji on meditation and creativity
Musician Neneh Cherry on addressing politics in your art
Writer Eileen Myles on assembling a collection of poems
Ada Limón on being a gateway drug for poetry
Visual artist Chris E. Vargas on writing your own history
Photographer Kelia Ann MacCluskey on letting your aesthetic lead the way
Choreographer Bebe Miller on allowing your creative process to age along with you
Musicians Kim Gordon and Bill Nace on collaboration
Writer Kat Gardiner on getting your work out into the world
Artist and curator Alex Paik on the importance of artist-run spaces
Black Belt Eagle Scout on embracing the power of your own identity
Writer and performer Amanda Duarte on creating your own best role
Musician Jill Sobule on reconfiguring what success means
Musician and producer Lotic on starting from scratch
Visual artist Laëtitia Badaut Haussmann on maintaining focus
Filmmaker Aaron Bradbury on technology as an evolving medium
Digital artist Alex Czetwertynski on harnessing the creative potential of technology
Photographer Delphine Diallo on staying true to your vision
Editor Chris Lehmann on being a journalist in 2018
Musician and visual artist Casey Spooner on working every angle
Visual artist Ebony G. Patterson on understanding what an education can and can’t do for you
Visual artist Alexander Heir on learning the things they don’t teach you in school
Choreographer Allison Orr on collaborating with strangers
Musician Courtney Barnett on telling your own story
Composer Paola Prestini on creating your own space and setting your own metrics for success
Creative Director Piera Gelardi on not being afraid of a blank slate
Musician and producer Big Boi on using your time wisely
Playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney on redefining your idea of what it means to be successful
Lizzi Bougatsos on what it means to identify as an artist
Designer Camille Baudelaire on embracing new trends and technologies in your work
Origins: Musicians Aaron and Bryce Dessner on forging new spaces for sharing creative work
Origins: Entrepreneurs Nadine and Tom Michelberger on approaching all of your work with the same creative spirit
Producer and curator Ladyfag on conjuring the ideal creative space
Visual artist Benjamin Kress on when your freelance gigs and creative vocation are almost the same
Origins: How to turn your creative outlet into an actual career - An interview with Ovenly’s Agatha Kulaga
Artist and filmmaker Narcissister on finding the right vehicle
Writer Nuno Costa Santos on what it means to be an Azorean artist
Photographer Pauliana Valente Pimentel on using your work as a way of seeing
Writer Douglas A. Martin on letting your work tell you what it wants to be
Tamara McCaw & Emma Enderby on never taking no for an answer
Max Posner on the wonderful problem of making theater
Nikki Sixx on not getting stuck
Billy Corgan on the questions all artists should ask themselves
Nathaniel Mellors on pushing in different directions
Andrew Ahn on imposter syndrome
Jordan Casteel on finding the perfect balance
Julian Casablancas on being your own biggest hater
Matthew Yokobosky on how to design an exhibition
Christelle Kocher on never having time to be stuck
Derek Nguyen on knowing when you're ready
Richard Renaldi on knowing when to put down the camera
Alice Sheppard on expectation and transformation
Terrifying Jellyfish on making games out of food
Laure Flammarion on redefining what it means to be an artist and a curator
Ute Lemper on the responsibility that comes with being an artist
Toni Dove on technology as subject matter
Isaac Mizrahi on unapologetically pursuing your interests
Christina Choe on what it takes to make a movie
Ty Segall on throwing all your old ideas out the window
Judah Friedlander on maintaining creative control
Stuart Murdoch on the power of empathy
Yolonda Ross on being observant
Dean Wareham on knowing when to take a break
Peter Vack on moving from one side of the camera to the other
Paul Rucker on going wherever your work takes you
Genesis P-Orridge on destroying preconceptions
Rabit on standing up for your work
Daniel Rossen on how to be in a band
Carmen Maria Machado on writing about whatever you want
Chris Moukarbel on making documentaries
Simon Raymonde on perseverance
Martin Roth on collaborating with nature
Emily Haines on commitment
Drew Droege on writing your own material
Dan Bejar on having no process
Erin Markey on trusting yourself
Glenn Kaino on reconsidering the everyday
Jonathan Gonzalez on the benefits of documenting your work
Patty Schemel on how to tell your life story
Amy Touchette on using photography to figure out the world
Carmen Villain on being resourceful
Zackary Drucker on documenting your life in your work
Betty Buckley on understanding your creative path
Jonas Mekas on documenting your life
Rachel Hecker on working with whatever is around you
Gerald Busby on mentorship
Anthony Urrea on finding your subject
Alex Cameron on being an unreliable narrator
Sarah Cracknell on how to be in the same band for 25 years and still enjoy it
Brandon Flowers on ambition
Kristen Radtke on publishing your first book
Paul Ramírez Jonas on making work that interacts with the world
Jason Gnewikow on changing lanes
Tori Amos on listening to your muses
Nadya Tolokonnikova on political art
Matthew Zapruder on how to write and read poems
Rickie Lee Jones on finding the right environment to make music
Neil Halstead on revisiting your creative past
Kay Rosen on making art out of language
Alice Cooper on the power of persona
Jeanine Oleson on the pleasure of making things
Allen Frame on following your curiosity
Beach House on creating your own world
Christopher Bollen on what it takes to write novels
Christian Scott on making your own rules
Jim Jarmusch on not wasting time
Kaari Upson on maintaining a sense of urgency
Michael McDonald on keeping things in perspective
Morton Subotnick on making your own creative tools
Isaac Julien on the changing nature of creative work
Vera Marmelo on keeping your day job
Rafael Carvalho on keeping your own culture alive
Lisa Yuskavage on trusting your creative instincts
Catarina Branco on finding the perfect medium for your work
Future Islands on not being an overnight success
Maaza Mengiste on defeating the sophomore slump
Sufjan Stevens on songwriting, collaboration, and the myth of the tortured artist
Bette Gordon on dealing with the realities of filmmaking
Derek DelGaudio on the meaning of magic
Thomas Mars on being committed to your art
Patricia Voulgaris on making the best of what you have
Saeed Taji Farouky on finding your story
Beth Ditto on recognizing your own talents
Hannibal Buress on just trying to be funny
Clifford Owens on writing your own history
Conor Oberst on the compulsion to create
Karen Elson on being a professional multihyphenate
Eric Cunha on making art with computers
Ido Fluk on learning how to navigate the system
Zaldy on adaptability
Alisa Weilerstein on what it means to be a classical musician
Joe Goddard on getting lost in your work
Eliot Glazer on winging it
Colin Self on constructing your own community
Grant Singer on making music videos
Diamanda Galás on making difficult work
Albert Goldbarth on defying genre
Michael Stipe on having multiple creative lives
Aimee Mann on writing sad songs
Hilton Als on writing
Jacqueline Novak on giving a voice to your depression
Jason Williamson on making political music
Ian Svenonius on what he's learned from rock and roll
Tony Matelli on the power of objects
Kate Zambreno on writing the impossible book
TM Davy on being a painter
Daniel Arnold on the ethics of street photography
Brad Callahan on the perils of practicality
Paul Sepuya on finding your form
Jennifer Herrema on making stuff and never giving a fuck
Julien Baker on learning to articulate joy
Brooke Van Poppelen on being funny for a living
Terence Nance on getting past the gatekeepers
Garrard Conley on how to write about your real life
Alison Goldfrapp on paying attention to detail
Neil Goldberg on process and performance
Cindy Wilson on creating the world you want to be in
M. Lamar on being your own genre
Lynne Tillman on what it actually means to be a writer
Meredith Danluck on making your first narrative film
Travis Millard on putting your work out into the world
Cass McCombs on songwriting
Jenny Hval on deep collaboration
Chloë Sevigny on figuring things out as you go along
Pacifico Silano on making art out of porn
Stephanie Danler on having your first book blow up
Conner Habib on changing the way we think (about everything)
Nicolas Jaar on chasing a creative high
Alex Ross Perry on making due with what you have
Polly Stenham on the dangers of vanity
Adam Fitzgerald on what it means to write poetry in 2016
Hak on trying to do everything
Kelley Deal on having multiple creative outlets
Ann Magnuson on documenting yourself
Jana Hunter on figuring yourself out
Christopher Shinn on the ephemeral pleasures of theater
Mykki Blanco on trusting your own talent
Justin Vivian Bond on politics and performance
Edmund White on writing about gay sex
Jim Hosking on the uncomfortable intimacy of filmmaking
Cecilia Dean on curation as a creative act
Bret Easton Ellis on not writing novels
Stevie Nicks on the importance of being a romantic
Jackie Beat on being more than people want
Shirley Manson on the power of melancholy
serpentwithfeet on gospel, queerness, and self
Sandra Bernhard on the pleasure and peril of being a big personality
Joanna Ebenstein on the pleasures of morbidity
Leiomy Maldonado on the culture of vogue
Willa Köerner
21 pieces
Organizing artist Kamra Hakim on moving marginalized bodies from the periphery to the center
Designer, architect, teacher, and learner Dan Taeyoung on growing a cooperative like you’d grow a garden
Interaction studio Hyphen-Labs on bringing the future into the present through radical collaboration
Curator Ceci Moss on why you should start your own unconventional art space
Artist, activist, and poet Reverend Houston Cypress on activism as a creative form of healing
Origins: Melissa Auf der Maur on learning to grow a cultural space from scratch
Vocalist and songwriter Somi on trusting your own voice and making your own model
Lawyer and playwright Mary Kathryn Nagle on working two full-time jobs without burning out
Space Cooperative co-founder Yalda Mousavinia on risking everything to follow your dreams
Engineer and designer Francis Tseng on discovering new worlds and navigating new paths
Visual artist Alfredo Salazar-Caro on learning the right things at the right time
Nicholas O'Brien on slowing down and nurturing your friendships
LaTurbo Avedon on identity and immateriality
Regine Basha on curating, zig-zagging, and taking time to reflect
Mindy Seu on making the things you want to see
Caroline Sinders on how talking to people improves your work
Kelani Nichole on pioneering a new type of gallery
Addie Wagenknecht on finding happiness and giving zero fucks
Mark Dorf on sincerity, balance, and the internet
Ben Lotan and Tara Shi on creating a new community
Josette Melchor on creating something that’s bigger than you

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