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I will tell you a story I love. There was a hermit discovered in the middle of Southern Russia. This woman was the only survivor of her inheritance. Her family was one of many groups of families that were trying to escape Stalinism and religious intolerance and they wound up in this remote location. This woman didn’t even know there was a second World War. Could you imagine being in a place where you had no information? She’s illiterate, and now she’s alone. All of her family is gone. She was the only one living in this area. Her group had all passed away. This journalist asked her, “What do you see as the difference between now and then? Is there a big difference?” And she said, “Well, back then, we had no salt.” And I just thought… You dream about that. I don’t know what’s political now. You know, what is political? Trump? No. That’s political, right there: “You had no salt.”
- Roni Horn (link)
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