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TCI Transmission 04: Guided meditation for channeling creative energy

╦ ╦┌─┐┬  ┬  ┌─┐  ╦ ╦┌─┐┬─┐┬  ┌┬┐ 
╠═╣├┤ │  │  │ │  ║║║│ │├┬┘│   ││ 
╩ ╩└─┘┴─┘┴─┘└─┘  ╚╩╝└─┘┴└─┴─┘─┴┘,

Today we release the fourth episode of TCI Transmissions. Each Transmission adds to our archive of experimental soundscapes, collected ideas, voices, and other snippets to help you think, create, and expand. As always, we will publish them here, or you can find us on your preferred podcatching service (iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Overcast, etc).

*            *       *       *
    *                    *              *

Today’s Transmission was created by energy worker and Master Teacher Reiki Practitioner, Lune Innate. She crafted this guided meditation with the intention of helping you channel your creative energy.

*                    *          *       *
    *        *              *

We present this to you with the hope that it will not only help to stimulate your creative energy, but also carry it through your entire body, and enable you to pull any concept, idea, or flash of inspiration into the material realm where it can be shared, saved, or simply enjoyed.

*                    *                      *       *
    *        *              *   *

You can explore more meditations and other work by Lune Innate on her YouTube channel or on her website. She is based in the New York City area.