Pattern #15: Folding Snail

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This week’s interviews are now all available online:

Musician Emily Haines on commitment; Writer, poet, punk icon Richard Hell on collaboration; Visual artist, writer, podcaster Sean J Patrick Carney on starting a podcast; Artist Martin Roth on collaborating with nature; Artist, writer, educator Kameelah Janan Rasheed on how to keep going; Poet Joseph O. Legaspi on living the life of a poet.


Real Snail
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“As more news pours in about mounting tragedy and seemingly incomprehensible acts, my creative work doesn’t so much become a place to directly respond to the events or pose solutions; rather, it becomes a place for me to think publicly about how I am processing and narrating these moments. In that way, the art, the projects, become necessary for my individual processing and hopefully adds something to a textured conversation that is attempting to contextualizing these points in history. ” — Kameelah Janan Rasheed