TCI x National Sawdust Series: DiM○DA 3.0 New Talismans ᐉ Immersive Preview + Artist Talk

Thursday, May 17

7pm (doors at 6:30)

This edition of TCI x National Sawdust will feature an immersive pre-release preview of the Digital Museum of Digital Art (DiMoDA)’s third full VR-based exhibition, entitled New Talismans + Mind/Body Dualism. DiMoDA 3.0 will be released to the public later in May of 2018, and will explore themes such as witchcraft, magic, simultaneity, and the virtual body. At this event, artist and museum co-creator Alfredo Salazar-Caro will lead viewers on a projected, real-time tour of the virtual exhibition, and featured artists Rindon Johnson and Shane Mecklenburger—as well as sound artists Christine Papania and Benjamin Forest of ARIADNE—will take the stage to share how they developed their DiMoDA-commissioned works.

A pioneering virtual institution, DiMoDA is dedicated to commissioning, exhibiting, and preserving cutting-edge VR artworks. Founded in 2013 by Alfredo Salazar-Caro and William Robertson, it has now released three exhibitions, featuring 14 unique artist-designed VR experiences. Learn more at

More about the participating artists:

Alfredo Salazar-Caro is a multimedia artist who lives and works between Mexico City, New York, and the internet. Alfredo’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in exhibitions such as Dreamlands at the Whitney Museum, The Wrong Biennale in São Paulo, Brazil, New Normal Beirut/Istanbul, Die Ungerahmte Welt, HeK, and Basel Switzerland, among others. His work has also been featured in publications such as Leonardo, Cultured Magazine, Art F City, Vice Magazine, and the Creators Project.

Rindon Johnson is a multidisciplinary artist and writer who works between New York and Berlin. Moving between virtual reality and sculpture, Johnson has exhibited widely in Europe and the US. He is the author of “Nobody Sleeps better than White People.”

Shane Mecklenburger is a NYC-based intermedia artist working with new media, sculpture, and performance. His projects interrogate systems of value, simulation, and conflict through diverse fields of practice, including video games, chemistry, astrophysics, private industries, and spell casting.

ARIADNE is an experimental sacred music and new media art duo composed of Christine Papania (voice, electronics) and Benjamin Forest (electronics). Their work explores the intersection of mysticism, dream analysis, and the failure of digital systems through a synthesis of performance, digital and interactive art, poetry, and dramatic experience.


In 2018, The Creative Independent and National Sawdust will work together to present new works from independent musicians, dancers, and other types of working artists. The series will focus on process, collaboration, and the time and space needed to complete a creative project.