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El Caracol (English)

Disponible en Español

“El Caracol” translates to “spiral-shaped” or, more literally, “snail” in Spanish. During our last trip to Mexico City, our photographer Ramiro Chaves told us about a large spiral-shaped land formation he sees whenever he’s flying above the city.

We later learned it was formed from sediment of the ancient lake that once existed where the city does today.

The Creative Independent has returned to Mexico City with this zine encapsulating some of the conversations we had last time we visited and a few new conversations we’ve had since.

As with any creative endeavor, its about spiraling back around. We hope that you will enjoy the following excerpts.

* Pharmakon
* FlucT
* Gaby Cepeda
* Oa4s
* Ingrid Burrington
* Tania Pérez Córdova
* Francisco Cordero-Oceguera

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Title: El Caracol (English)
Author: The Creative Independent
Year: 2019
Publisher: The Creative Independent
Collaborator: Kickstarter
Editor: Brandon Stosuy
Designer: Elliott Cost