Workshop: How to use the internet mindfully

Hosted by TCI and at the Internet Age Media Weekend in Barcelona, Spain, and inspired by the book, How do you use the internet mindfully?

More than ever, creative people find their attention pulled in many directions by digital and networked technologies. Keeping up with so many forms of online communication often feels mandatory in order to keep working. But, it can be both exhausting and dispiriting to build a creative practice—and a life—while “extremely online.”

In this workshop led by Willa Köerner of The Creative Independent and Leo Shaw of, participants will take a radical look at their own use of the internet. Through a guided exercise, attendees will analyze their own habitual relationships with networked platforms, and will then use those insights to make a plan for reconfiguring their approaches to spending their time, attention, and emotional capital online. The workshop will conclude with a candid conversation about what it would take to reclaim the web as a space for creativity, intimacy, and intellectualism.