The Creative Independent x Northside Festival Presents

Kiani Del Valle:
Catacoustic Flesh
world premiere
with special guest Katie Gately

June 9 / 7PM / All Ages / $27 adv. / $30 day of


This is a work that functions on the premise of symbiotic relationships between body movement and sound. Working towards a level playing field between choreographing-from-music and composing-from-movement, this performance seeks to offer a mode of dance that can both lead and mislead the listener.

In doing so the dominant semiotic sense is ever-changing which nurtures a transcendental fluidity. Shifting from rhythmic loops and magnetic outbursts to hypnotic drone-states, the foundation for this work is the concept of ‘textures’, ‘resonance’ and ‘aura’ vs ‘rhythm’, ‘pattern’ and ‘cues’. The piece not only explores the idea of a body as a collaborative sound instrument but also takes us to a new dimension where sound and movement is the predominant language of communication.

The performance work questions the role of the unconscious in the merging of identities and layers of oneself, creating a dance based on the idea of a physical musical act or band where movement takes the role of a singer or a storyteller. As the piece evolves a common language is created distorting the idea of question and answer.