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PRESENCE is edited and published by Liz Harris. These articles in the TCI Library come from the first issue, IN THE MIST. The full issue can be purchased at Bandcamp (in physical paper form) and Gum Road (as a PDF).

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There is extra haze in the air these days, much more that we are all walking through together. PRESENCE began as an idea for a mellow zine and a way to connect w people I was missing. It became a resonant wide-angle portrait of some distinct creative minds, some real intimacies shared; eavesdropping on a conversation with friends, the notes from a performance rather than a photo of the performance/performer themselves.

The resulting assembly is meaningful, hilarious, dark, at times surprising. Many contributed something different than what they’re known for, while some shared a honed craft. An interview done by a musician, a story written by a filmmaker, etc. It’s a mixed bag.

IN THE MIST (ed. of 650) is a hand-stamped, full color, nearly 50 pp, 10” x 13”arts/music publication; comes in a poly bag with risograph variable edition insert including a link to a mix by Coby Sey, a hand-made bookmark, and custom-made sticker. Features work by/on Marisa Anderson, Ben Ratliff, Mica Levi, Adee Roberson, Emel Mathlouthi, Dicky Bahto, Tatiana Luboviski-Acosta, Steph Littlebird Fogel, and much more. Edited by Liz Harris. All profits will be shared amongst contributing artists.

You can download an interview with musician Marisa Anderson by Ben Ratliff, along with some of Marisa’s own writings, via the PDF below.

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Sometimes slow leads somewhere nice.
Author: various
Year: 2020
Publisher: Yellow Electric
Editor: Liz Harris