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Mind Map: Andrew Kuo

It can be useful imagining your creative process as a picture or pattern of some sort, a schematic. If we asked a dozen people to map their own creative processes, we imagine everyone would draw something different. It’s not an exact science, but we bet the way your mind works when making something—or thinking about making something—is different than that of the mind of the person sitting next to you.

“My paintings follow specific rules that I follow as I work on them. This sketch shows a chart that starts with two timelines that are contained within a box. The boxes are then stacked like a deck of cards and grouped to form visual data sets for the writing. Here, the writing starts with broad, general thoughts and ends with smaller details and concerns.” - Andrew Kuo

View Andrew’s Mind Map

What does your mind map look like? If you want to make your own mind map and share it with us, that could be fun:

About the Author

New York based artist Andrew Kuo makes graphic abstract paintings out of language, numbers, color, and data. Kuo is fascinated by statistics and creates mathematical equations to sum up situations in his life. He then uses metallic ink, acrylic, and pencil to create meticulously constructed compositions. Bright colors and rigid forms are combined with text that is heartfelt, sentimental, and playful to create mesmerizing geometric abstractions. He’’s represented by Marlborough Contemporary and is a regular contributor to T Magazine.