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Monthly Weekend Artists

For those of you who have been watching our website since we began, you know we sometimes present web-based artwork on our homepage over the weekend. We’ve been calling these “weekend events.”

This spring we are taking a cue from the birds and giving birth to something sort of new. We enjoy the slow build of things over time, and we think artists do as well. We wanted the weekend events to seem less random. Sometimes a certain stubbornness is the only way to resist the never-ending flow of information online. So, here’s what we propose: a single artist will present four online works over the course of a month. We hope this allows more resonance both for our viewers and for the artist!

Without further ado, allow me to introduce our first monthly weekend artist, Erin Jane Nelson. Later today, we will lower the curtain of Erin’s first of four weekend events. Please stay tuned.

— Laurel

Erin Jane Nelson, May-June

Michelle Lin, June-July

Natalia Panzer, July-August