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Note on photos

The photographer Ramiro Chaves took a series of portraits of Mexico City-based working artists for TCI, including the images of Gaby Cepeda, Pablo Martínez, and Tatiana Lipkes, with more to come in the following weeks. We asked him for a statement on his experience.

- The Creative Independent

The cultural life of Mexico City is usually crazy the first few days of February. There are millions of exhibits and cultural events. It’s truly exhausting. When Brandon proposed that I take these pictures, I was in the final stage of producing my photographs and drawings for Zona Maco and Material Art Fair, and at the same time, taking photographs for many clients. The proposal was initially stressful, but when I started to read the names of the people to be photographed, a smile appeared on my face. Some of these people were my friends, and some were people I did not know but whose work I admire. After a hectic schedule these past few days, the moments in these pictures ended up being a break for me; to stop watching performances and attending exhibits and to find myself face-to-face, at least for a few minutes, with people known or unknown, but ultimately honest and simple. In all cases, I tried to make the setting speak for the people I was photographing… sometimes it was their workplace, sometimes a casual spot. For either setting, and in a subtle way, I made sure the places added information and subtle sensations to these sincere looks.

— Ramiro Chaves