Thank You

On this very very special Thanksgiving I, as an artist, am thankful for all of my ideas which I come up with effortlessly and none of them are ever bad, which is so fortunate because sometimes other people have bad ones, and I am thankful for all the money I have to execute the ideas, even the ones that cost nothing I spend a lot of money on, money that came from the great ideas I already came up with previously, which I had money for before I came up with those ideas, also once I just found all this money, like lots, so that was great to have extra. Oh gosh, but I don’t want to make this special day like about me so I have to give credit and thanks to the great teachers I learned the ideas from, who actually all told me they learned more from me by having me as a student, then they gave me money and said thank you, which was so nice, and I am so thankful for that.

Josh Fadem