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Weekend Artist: Erin Jane Nelson

This brief survey is part of the Monthly Weekend Artists series: a single artist will present four online works over the course of a month. Scroll down for information about each work.

Name: Erin Jane Nelson

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA


How would you describe the internet in 2017?

Algorithms are ruining everything! Kill all bots! Get parents off Facebook and Snapchat! Nostalgic for long, gritty, over-sharing personal blogs and livejournals of the early aughts (especially all of the theme hacking and HTML customization by a bunch of kids). Burn down all the paywalls–I’m looking at you, JSTOR, NYTimes, Artforum, and all the other ivory tower high brow gatekeepers of neoliberalism. If I pay you for server space, you need to pay me for my data, Google. Long live weird click-bait, but make journalism stop aspiring to it.

Any predictions for the future of the internet or networked technology?

I don’t think this would ever happen, but I would love to get away from rectangles… imagine what websites would look like if screens were ovals or orbs.

Describe the room you are working in right now.

I am in my beigey day-job cubicle that’s decorated with pictures of my dog and three potted plants. My desk is very neat and I have a vertical mouse.

Weekend Pieces for TCI:

May 19–21

Psychopompopolis — Erin wrote this short sci-fi story about turning into a cephalopod. She wrote it while making sea-inspired collaged photographic textile works, which will debut on June 3 at Document Space in Chicago. For future reference, please note this work is also available at

May 26–28

Caraway Clothes — Caraway is Erin’s Silky Terrier mix. This slideshow presents Caraway’s various outfits, many handmade by Erin from studio scraps. Slideshow song by Joan Baez. For the latest Caraway updates, check out @monsieurseed.

June 9–11

Still Life Live — From 2012-2014, Erin hosted an occasional live stream of a still life at (RIP). She collected submissions of digital, analog, and other renderings of the stream. For the duration of this summer 2017 weekend, Erin is again live streaming a still life from her studio. It might change over time. Please send any renderings (drawings, paintings, collages, codes, etc.) you create to

June 16–18

Species Live — A live stream happening from the gallery Erin co-founded, “Species” in Atlanta, GA. Watch as artist Katya Tepper installs her solo show, opening the evening of Saturday, June 17.