TCI Transmission 05: Dispatch from Basilica Hudson

╦ ╦┌─┐┬  ┬  ┌─┐  ╦ ╦┌─┐┬─┐┬  ┌┬┐ 
╠═╣├┤ │  │  │ │  ║║║│ │├┬┘│   ││ 
╩ ╩└─┘┴─┘┴─┘└─┘  ╚╩╝└─┘┴└─┴─┘─┴┘,

Today we release the fifth episode of TCI Transmissions. Each Transmission adds to our archive of experimental soundscapes, collected ideas, voices, and other snippets to help you think, create, and expand. As always, we will publish them here, or you can find us on your preferred podcatching service (iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Overcast, etc).

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On August 9, 2018, TCI’s Willa Köerner headed up to Hudson, New York to speak to musician and Basilica Hudson Director and Co-Founder Melissa Auf der Maur and to collect various field recordings from around town (which you can hear sprinkled throughout this Transmission). As the peepers chirped outside Melissa’s kitchen window, the conversation spanned how Melissa left her 15-year career as a touring musician to move to Hudson to start a family, and ended up starting and running an avant-garde cultural venue in an old factory building with her husband Tony. She talks about how hard it was to learn how to run the Basilica as a business instead of as an art project, navigating Hudson’s small-town drama, and how she’s been able to grow Basilica into a platform for positive change.

This Transmission is running in advance of Basilica SoundScape, an annual weekend event featuring musicians, artists, and writers. This year, Basilica SoundScape is being co-presented by The Creative Independent—you can read a selection of interviews with past and present event participants here. And, if you’re curious to read more about how Basilica Hudson got started, read Origins: Melissa Auf der Maur on learning to grow a cultural space from scratch, which also published today.

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