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Farha (thebootydiaries) on making work that doesn't pay the bills

Do you think you’ll ever make the move to doing your Tumblr full-time? Does you see it as something that can sustain you?

I don’t think I could do my online comedy full time, whether it’s Tumblr or Twitter or anything else, because I really do it for the people who follow me. I want to give people a chuckle and there’s not much I gain from it other than other people’s happiness. So as much as I love to do it, it’s not something that can sustain me.

I’m not as active anymore because I’m in University working towards a degree and I plan on having a job as a teacher because that’s something that I also love doing, and I think that’s something that can sustain me. I do love making jokes and I wish it were possible to do it full time, kind of like how YouTubers do, but they get paid a lot and Tumblr is a more difficult platform. I monetize it to an extent. As much as I love doing it, I’m also drowning in student loans so I did eventually start doing paid promotions.

I think I’ll continue to make jokes when I’m done with school. I always have new ideas for jokes and I randomly think of them throughout the day, which I don’t think will stop once I get into my career. My style of jokes might change as I grow, but I’ll always be an idiot.

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Farha is a student in Calgary, Alberta and the anonymous creator of the popular Tumblr, thebootydiaries. She previously spoke to The Creative Independent about how she build that popular Tumblr.