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Weekend Artist: Michelle Lin

This brief survey is part of the Monthly Weekend Artists series: a single artist will present four online works over the course of a month. Scroll down for information about each work.

Name: Michelle Lin

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA


Describe an early experience with the internet.

Dream computer drawings, c. 2000:



Describe the room you are working in right now.

I’m in my bedroom, where I like working for an hour or two with a big pot of green tea before leaving the house. I’ve furnished it mostly with things that remind me of nature: moss balls, seashells, preserved bee specimen… they’re nice as peripheral inspiration when I’m on my computer.


What websites do you check daily?

Recently I’ve had Pete’s Pond open in the background as ambient sound, but it’s also fun to check in during the daytime when all the animals are out. I’ve been cutting out idle browsing time lately so I’ll watch one thing before bed on Filmstruck or Kanopy, or an episode of Fresh off the Boat, which is one of my favorite shows right now.

Weekend Pieces for TCI:

June 23–25

Timepeace – Time is our most universal belief system. When used as an exact measure, it becomes a most deceptive one. To keep time is to quantify and inevitably to suffocate life, as we cannot live well under inflexible contexts. A margin of error welcomes imperfection, the unexpected, and free will. Accepting impermanence and compromise makes room to breathe and to grow.

This clock is a living clock. It ticks to the variance of life itself… so, in accordance with the natural order of living things, it has come to a rest.

July 1–4

Everlasting Place — A quiet cul-de-sac on a full one acre lot with no rear neighbors, except for the occasional deer. Birds nest in trees, trash is collected weekly, and the occasional Google car drives through, tracing its existence in the infosphere. is an everlasting site about an everlasting place called Everlasting Pl… Welcome!

July 8–9

Pele’s Paint Pot – In 1998, something quite unexpected turned up in the course of an investigation at archaeological site NA 860, a few miles west of Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument. There a team of archaeologists identified and collected 55 pieces of Sunset Crater basalt lava bearing impressions of prehistoric corn cobs. However unclear, it is believed that these corn rocks suggest ritual behavior, with the corn once serving as an offering to the spiritual forces of the volcano.

Ask a question
Toss the corn
The lava will tell you everything…

July 15–16

Type Specimens – This weekend’s site is an archaeological excavation of two type specimens, one living and one dead. If written language is a record of a thought in time, what would the unearthing of memories look like? Is language a living system, are alphabets animals? These ants and bones are generated from fragmented letterforms, forming a landscape of our mental cosmos…