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Weekend Artist: Natalia Panzer

This brief survey is part of the Monthly Weekend Artists series: a single artist will present four online works over the course of a month. Scroll down for information about each work.

Name: Natalia Panzer

Location: Brooklyn, NY


Describe the room you are working in right now.

I’m in my room in Sunset Park, which is the front curved room on the top floor of a three-story Brownstone. It’s hot up here, and I don’t have an AC. The windows are open. Plants in all three of the windows. Glasses of water on all of the tables.

Any predictions for the future of the internet or networked technology?

On social media, increasingly smaller micro-accounts. Posting there without obsessing over engagement or validation.

More disappearing acts, like Snapchat and Instagram stories. Impermanent content.

Frumpy websites, less Squarespace. More young people making Apps and websites.

I lost my phone recently and was without one for three days, and it feels almost boring to have a phone again. Trying to figure out how to navigate a desire for disengagement, but without that disengagement feeling pompous or disingenuous to my habits.

If you could curate your dream show what artists would you choose and what would be the setting?

I have a dream of hosting a drawing show at my apartment where I would ask five or so artists to draw very large, elaborate narrative pieces that I would hang in specific spaces throughout the apartment: above my desk, above my bed, on an open wall in the kitchen, in the hallway by the stairs. I imagine the drawings to be like tapestries. Dream list would include Perry Trollope, Bug bus piano, emamouse, KeitaroTamura, Quintessa Matranga.

Weekend Pieces for TCI:

July 29-30

Shoes Steaming Coat Hangers Wardrobe Shoes Shoes —
Shoes recorded in Crown Heights at Nick and Grayson’s apartment.
Steaming and Coat Hangers recorded in my room in Sunset Park.
Wardrobe recorded at Christine’s apartment in Union Square.
Shoes recorded in the stairwell of my workplace in Chelsea.
Shoes recorded on 4th Avenue in Sunset Park.

August 5-6

%3 — From November 2014 to November 2016, I kept a rolling log of everything I owned. I entered this data into an HTML table, which was hosted in CPanel via GoDaddy. On November 16, 2016, I organized a one-day performance of these objects called The things I own, in 3D at my home gallery Refresh. The day before the performance, the last 200 or so cells of the log disappeared, and a ‘%’ sign appeared at the top of the table. As I was setting up the show, I re-logged all of my objects. On the day of the show, many cells were again erased, but this time a ‘%3’ appeared at the top of the table. After the performance, I stopped logging my objects. I posted a question about the bug to some help forums, the answers of which you can see here. These wardrobe inventories are an homage to the erased log, and the bug that infiltrated it.

August 12-13

Natalia’s Favorite Clothes - Streamed at Natalia’s house in Sunset Park.
Mesh halter by yma
Shirt by B’Zone
Polo by Madalyn Merkey for Extensive Index
Lunch Time! I’m Hungry! mmmmm t-shirt by Sean Tatol
Darkness of Modarn Society t-shirt by emamouse
Black shirt by Gracia
Blouse by unknown maker
Shirt by Prada
Slip by Gap
Slip by unknown maker
Dress by Little Miss
Dress by unknown maker
Pants by B’Zone
Pants by Joie
Jacket by Ann Taylor
Jacket by Cliff Morrissey
Sandals by unknown maker
Sandals by Italian Shoemakers
Cap by mushbuh

August 19-20

A Selection from a Hypothetically Expansive Collection of Fictional Outfits Based on Real Garments - Composed by Natalia Panzer and Elliott Cost