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Year-End Note


It’s the last day of the year, and we haven’t run any year-end coverage. We don’t plan to.

At The Creative Independent, we focus on people making things, one person at a time. Many of our discussions with these people end up being about process. We talk about what it means to hit a block and how to generate forward momentum by moving from one step to the next. We enjoy talking to people about projects that aren’t yet complete, and about what they’re still wrestling with or trying to tame. This is where you can learn a lot about a person and an art form. Even if sometimes these things remain incomplete forever.

We’ve only been around for three months, but we’ve already spoken with a number of inspiring people with the above in mind. Some offered techniques for accomplishing tasks, others suggested ways to get things going. A general thing we noticed: artists are simplifying their output, and some are working their way toward greater independence. It seems like a lot of people are learning that you can be both ambitious and humble.

As readers of TCI may know, on the weekends, we present a visual and conceptual break from our usual long-form written content and schedule. We’ve made these ephemeral, in that they “disappear” when the weekend ends. But as savvy web users have likely discovered by now, they are still out there. There is a difference between watching a recording of a play and being an audience member. We are interested in using the web as a living stage.

So far, there have been two phases to our weekend series. First, we presented downloadable computer files from artists, which came about through the making of a work. We began with Full Color Sketch by Qiong Li, Voice Sketch by Sara Magenheimer, and Introducing Myself by Ursula K. Le Guin. Second, we presented works from artists that speculated on the future, like Year by Damon Zucconi, Art After Trump (a looping event recording), and What are you? What are you? What are you? by Sara Knox Hunter. In 2017, we’ll be entering a new phase with these weekend pieces.

Instead of reflecting backwards at the same time as everyone else, we’ll post lists of our personal favorites throughout the year, on each particular TCI staff member’s birthday. A birthday is someone’s “personal holiday,” and this feels like a good way to help them celebrate it.

We run recommendations with each interview we publish and we see these lists as potential resources or additional information to get to know that subject better. Sometimes they’re simply things the person is enjoying. For instance, Björk told us how much she liked picking berries in the autumn and riding a bike on the beach, and Amber Tamblyn talked about the smell of fireplace smoke in her house. In a way, maybe our lists will echo those. We’ll find out together.

For now, please go outside and enjoy the weather. Maybe where you are there is snow.

We’re looking forward to more days with you.

Happy New Year,


Artwork by Faye Kahn